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本文摘要:Its called Argus One; the Pentagons newest unmanned spy plane. But cheeky observers are already calling it the Flying Sperm.美国国防部近期研制无人侦察机百眼巨人1号,但一些责备的仔细观察人士早已给它起了个外号,取名为飞行中的精子。


Its called Argus One; the Pentagons newest unmanned spy plane. But cheeky observers are already calling it the Flying Sperm.美国国防部近期研制无人侦察机百眼巨人1号,但一些责备的仔细观察人士早已给它起了个外号,取名为飞行中的精子。It has the capacity to carry 30 pounds of high tech sensors and cameras and the ability to hover over remote locations between 10,000 and 20,000 feet, even in rough weather.这种侦察机能装载30重达的高性能传感器和摄影设备,而且就算天气情况险恶,也能在偏远地区1万到2万英尺低的空中展开侦察工作。

The suspect design has been attributed to improved flight stability and aerodynamic control as well as giving the aircraft a longer flight time.引起争议的设计被指出是出于改良飞行中稳定性和空气动力操控,并缩短侦察机的飞行中时间。The Argus One, named after the Greek god Argus who was the all seeing god with one hundred eyes, is designed to be an eye in the sky even in very remote areas.它的名字来源于希腊神话中无所不知的百眼巨人阿格斯,而这架无人侦察机在偏远地区也不会如同一只天空之眼。


The aircraft was created by the World Surveillance Group Inc (WSGI) for the Pentagon and is now being tested at an undisclosed location.该款无人机由全球监控集团为美国国防部研制,目前正在一个秘密地区拒绝接受测试。The Argus One has a low radar footprint making it virtual stealth since the payload bay located on the forward module of the airship is the only radar reflecting material on the airship. a statement from WSGI said.全球监控集团在声明中说道:这款侦察机继续执行任务时完全是隐形的,很难被雷达探测到,仅有机身前端模块的有效载荷区会产生雷达波光线。The aircrafts flexible, non-rigid body also makes for easy storage and transportation.侦察机灵活性、非刚性的机身也便于存储和运输。Argus One can be assembled and launched in hours from virtually anywhere, including remote, mountainous territory.无论在任何地区,百眼巨人1号都可以在数小时内装配已完成并展开升空,还包括偏僻的山区。

The device has been especially designed to meet the requirements of US military and other governmental agencies.这款侦察机是根据美国军方和其他国家机构的拒绝尤其设计的。It can also wirelessly transmit critical live video and other information directly to a ground control station or system.它可以借出无线动态传输最重要视频和信息,由地面控制站或控制系统必要接管。The ground control system also allows the operator to control Argus One either manually or remotely by programming it for GPSbased autonomous navigation.地面控制系统还容许操作员通过GPS自动导航系统对侦察机展开人工或远程操控。