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本文摘要:Apple is going to pay the American teenager who discovered a security flaw in the companys FaceTime system.苹果公司将向在FaceTime系统软件中寻找安全性漏洞的美国小孩借款。


Apple is going to pay the American teenager who discovered a security flaw in the companys FaceTime system.苹果公司将向在FaceTime系统软件中寻找安全性漏洞的美国小孩借款。Grant Thompson, a 14-year-old from Arizona, found a bug that meant he could listen in to group chats on the video-calling service.来源于俄亥俄州的十四岁的格兰特汤普森找到能够根据视频聊天服务项目监视微信群的漏洞。

The bug meant an iPhone could be turned into a live microphone while using Group FaceTime, with callers able to activate another persons microphone remotely even before the person has accepted or rejected the call.该漏洞意味著iPhone能够在用以多的人FaceTime时变成话筒,即便在这人电話或拒不接受启用以前,呼叫者也必须远程控制基因表达另一个人的话筒。It has not yet been revealed how much the teenager and his family will receive. Apple also plans to give him an additional gift towards his education, reports say.现阶段还不告知这一小孩以及亲人不容易收到要多少钱。据报道,苹果公司还方案向他的文化教育获得附加的礼品。Grant Thompson and his mother said they tried to contact the company about the problem for more than a week before Apple turned off the group-chat feature.格兰特汤普森和他的妈妈讲到,在iPhone再开微信群作用以前,她们曾妄图联络iPhone一个多礼拜。



Apple has since released an iPhone update to fix the FaceTime flaw. The software change became available to install on Thursday as a part of Apples iOS 12system.Apple已发布iPhone改版以整修FaceTime漏洞。做为Apple iOS 12系统软件的一部分,手机软件变更可于周四刚开始改装。The new version includes a message saying it “provides important security updates and is recommended for all users”.最新版本包含一条信息,称作其“获得最重要的安全补丁,提议全部客户用以”。

The privacy bug was not just limited to iPhones. All devices that allow group FaceTime, including iPads and Macs, each have their own software update.这一涉及隐私保护的漏洞不仅仅限于iPhone。容很多人 FaceTime的全部机器设备(还包含iPad和Mac)都是有自身的手机软件改版。